Did you know? In early 1997 Daft Punk became entrenched in a legal battle with the television network France2 after they aired three of their songs (“Da Funk”, “Phoenix”, and “Revolution 909”) several times without permission, mostly in ads for rugby. Thomas: “The last straw was when they used our music in ‘The Mechanic’, a B-movie […] You know the type! They took three tracks! It was really blatant!” Daft Punk’s choice to sue France TV wasn’t “promotional or egocentric, it was angled towards a general interest, or to set a [legal] precedent […] It’s not a question of money, it’s a principle.”

And, indeed, it wasn’t a question of money. According to court papers filed in February, Daft Punk sought a grand total of 12 francs in damages, which today would be around 3 US dollars. The most valuable of their demands, however, was that France2 air apologies to Daft Punk and their music licensing companies, the length of the original unlawful ads, spread over two days. The case made it to the Court of Appeals of Paris, who ruled in favor of Daft Punk in September, and ordered that France2 pay the whopping $3 and air the apologies.

France2, however, wouldn’t back down. They went back to the Court of Appeals in December to try to reverse the decision, a move that DP’s French publisher Delabel called “staggering,” as the decision of an appeals court is considered final. Daft Punk contacted the CSA (the French equivalent of the American FCC) in January 1998 to notify them they would be enforcing the decision and expected France2 to air the apologies.

Finally, in April of 1998, the Court of Appeals ruled that France2’s new appeal was “unacceptable”. France2 was forced to back down, and they finally aired this message, 19 times, on April 10th and 11th: “France2 extends its apologies to Mr. Bangalter and Mr. de Homem-Christo and their dependents for the unauthorized use and advertising of works from their repertoire.”

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