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I’m about to have a grand fucking time

Okay, first off, I KNOW. It's called a saying. I explicitly said I don't care about the post, the problem is not the posts (though you insisted on talking about the posts), it's her aditude and I think it's okay for people to not be okay with that but she'll post what she wants

yeah what i gather is you dislike how she acts as if vegans are better than people who eat meat / use animal products and i get that you can go ahead and not like that

as long as you don’t go around saying she’s a bad person because she feels that way because……..it’s just her opinion…..

like if she were saying STRAIGHT PEOPLE ARE BETTER THAN GAY PEOPLE! or something involving oppression issues than it would definitely make her a gross person…but this is just about eating meat so she really can say what she wants :/

i understand if you personally get annoyed by it though! she’s definitely not perfect.



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I agree that Kalel can post whatever she wants, but she needs to respect other people's opinions as well. I follow her because she posts about her projects, Anthony, the cats, etc., and she's only recently started to post this vegan stuff. If she wants people to respect her for being vegan, she should accept that some people are fine with eating meat. Btw, I did not post any comments about this on her Instagram.

I get what you’re saying! And it comes down to this: Are you personally offended by her saying she thinks vegan-ism is a better choice than eating meat? If so, it’s probably best to just unfollow her, because Kalel is very set in her beliefs and I wouldn’t expect her to just suddenly stop. 

 I do get your point that it would be less annoying to some people if she would just be like, “I like vegan-ism, but eating meat is cool too!” but that’s just not her. Kalel has never been delicate with her opinions. She’s up-front about how she feels.

So if her saying she’s against the consumption of animal products offends you, honestly you can’t pretend she’s doing something wrong. Fact of the matter is you just personally don’t like it and you should just consider whether or not you mind it enough to unfollow her!

Personally it's more about her "I hope you get educated and stop acting like a barbarian" atitude. idc if she post that stuff, but it's her acting like she a superior race or something

vegan isn’t a race sorry to break it to you

Again she’s posting things that she agrees with and things that she thinks are funny (i.e. the post with the cat, it was obviously meant to be funny and that’s all) and if you don’t personally agree with her posts, then unfollow her. Don’t put her on a pedestal because she’s popular on the internet. Promoting vegan-ism is not harmful, so she’s not committing any crime by posting what she likes just like any normal person would.

Again, if you feel like her posts are lame, and you don’t want her trying to educate you, unfollow her so that only the people willing to see those posts will still follow. 


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